Fabiwan Kenobi
Ridiculous nickname from dark ages of the Internet, and that wasn't taken yet on Free.fr.
"The Wind" in Japanese.
School nickname, much faster to write, used to sign forum posts or video game high-scores.
Weblog of a part-time geek.
Some articles are posted in english, others in french. I try to keep a log of my work there.
KaZcadeS 1.1
Nvu's CSS editor (CaScadeS) extension, mainly a bug-fix.
For those who prefer to enter style rules in text mode.
HandCoder 0.3.3
Nvu extension to edit the current page with an external editor.
For those who want their code well indented.
NsmConText 0.3.1
Nvu extension to edit non-HTML files with external editors.
For the lazy ones.
URL Cleaner
Nvu extension to correct local URLs into relative URLs.
Proposed as a patch for Nvu 1.0, no further developement.
Valid XHTML 1.0!
Valid CSS!
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