Nvu Site Manager ConText

Add a Launchy-style context menu in Nvu's Site Manager... and more.


nsmSiteManager nsmSiteManager

Site Manager extension

  • additional file filters:
    • CSS Documents: *.css
    • Server scripts: *.php, *.asp, *.jsp
    • Media files: sound & video
  • Site Manager context menus to handle* any file type
  • define a default external editor for each file category (launched by a double-clic on the file item)
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linkEditor content imageEditor content

Launchy integration

  • preview current page in external web browsers
  • edit* current page with external editors (requires Hand Coder)
  • Main window context menus to view or edit* any image or link
  • Launchy configuration interface

Launchy integration allows to do tasks that Nvu does not implement (or poorly); I personnally use that to:

(*) Please note that NsmConText can't edit distant files (at least not yet).


NsmConText relies on Launchy (both JAR included in the same XPI); so if you already have Launchy on your Nvu, you'll have to uninstall it first (note that you can keep your launchy.xml configuration file).

As far as I know, Nvu doesn't properly support localized extensions; it might be possible with future versions of Nvu, but for now, you have to choose a language-specific version of this extension.

en-US fr-FR ru-RU it-IT de-DE zh-TW

To install on Nvu:

Other versions here.

Do not install this extension on Firefox! If you're looking for such an extension for Firefox, it's called Launchy.



This is what needs to be done for the 1.0 version:

I'm developing this extension on my free time, so there is no time schedule.


Do Launchy & NsmConText work under Linux or MacOS?

Yes. On Windows there is a bonus: more than 60 applications are automatically detected (register-based info).

Does NsmConText work with distant files?
Not yet. I'd recommand anyway to work on a local site, then publish it on the server with an FTP client like FileZilla.
I'm used to [MyFavoriteEditor] for PHP (or ASP, JSP, CSS, JS...) but I don't know how to add an editor to Launchy.

Best: configure a launchy.xml file in your chrome directory.

Quick and dirty: open NsmConText option box and paste [MyFavoriteEditor]'s path in the "code editor" field.
A double-clic on the PHP file in the site manager will open [MyFavoriteEditor], but [MyFavoriteEditor] will not appear in the context menu.

Launchy configuration

You'll have to create a 'launchy.xml' file in your profile 'chrome' directory; read this for more info.

For instance, to use SciTE as text editor:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<configurations xmlns="http://launchy.mozdev.org/configurations">
        <label>Scintilla Text Editor</label>
        <command>C:\Program Files\SciTE\SciTE.exe</command>

File types in launchy.xml :

  1. Web Browsers
  2. Mail clients
  3. Media clients
  4. FTP clients
  5. Download Managers
  6. File Explorers
  7. Editors
  8. Image Viewers

In NsmConText, types 2 and 5 are ignored. Note that I think Launchy uses MIME type to show the corresponding application type, whereas NsmConText uses the Site Manager file filter (i.e. the file's extension).

Note also that NsmConText only allows to edit local files (though it is able to show distant files). This should be solved with the upcoming "FTP sync" feature.

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